CBD Tincture – How I Beat The Witch


Cannabidiol is an ingredient taken from marijuana. Unlike other ingredients however, such as THC, it is non-psychotropic, therefore you won’t get any ‘high from this particular element. But you will find many health benefits from taking it. There are many products out there that contain this ingredient and many different ways to consume it that can easily fit into your everyday lifestyle, but today we will be looking at the tincture method.

How Does The CBD Tincture Work?

Tinctures are the most versatile and easily the most popular way to consume this particular oil. They are liquid extractions of plant products that are taken under the tongue. There are numerous types to choose from that differ in taste and strength. One of the reasons that tinctures are so well liked, is because the dosage is so easy to control. With capsules for instance there is no way to increase or decrease a dosage smaller than the standard 25mg capsule. With tinctures however the dosage can be increased or decreased drop by drop.  The tincture method also works faster due to the product being absorbed sublingually (meaning underneath the tongue). Additionally if this does not seem for you, you can mix the product with any drink.
If you are not a fan of flavours it may not be the method that suits you best. However there are a variety of flavours to choose from including vanilla, cinnamon, and peppermint. Some tinctures also have added sweeteners to make it go down even smoother – not in Miracle Smoke CBD! However, if you’re still not sure – you can look at the review here to determine if it’s right for you:


How To Consume

Tinctures of any kind are easy to take. Simple use the provided dropper and place one or two drops underneath the tongue. It is recommended that you wait for 20-30 seconds before swallowing, allowing the product to be absorbed more efficiently.

Cannabidiol is proven to relieve stress and help decrease levels of anxiety. There has also been evidence of cannabidiol helping to relieve chronic pain, arthritis, and even help epilepsy sufferers. A more concentrated dose will obviously yield stronger results, but with tinctures this concentration can be regulated for your needs and preferences. Tinctures tend to have slightly less concentration to them, and this makes them most suited for minor pain and anxiety problems. The easy to use method for CBD tincture makes it a great way to quickly ward off any oncoming anxiety, and though it may not be as inconspicuous as gum products or capsules, it comes in a small container and can easily be concealed if you so wish.
As this product is legally considered a hemp product because it does not contain THC, it is legally all over the world. There are many well known and trusted companies that sell many varieties of cannabidiol, so you will find a method that is perfect for you and your health needs. As this is a vegan friendly product, anyone can use it.


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